About Waitrix


Waitrix replaces hand written paper orders to instant electronic orders straight to the kitchen. Simply install the application to a tablet and then to mobile devices for each of your waiters.
Waitrix is free to try for 1 month fully functional with unlimited orders,
then it is only 19$ per year (PayPal).
No more charges, no complicated adjustments.

Who is it for?

Waitrix is an effective and most affordable solution, designed for a small to medium café, bar or restaurant, having one or several waiters, capable to use any Android mobile device.

How it works?

• Install the application to a tablet. Register by providing an email address, list your shop's products in a categorized menu, design your shop's tables in separated graphic rooms and then connect your waiters by providing a name and a PIN.
• Install the application again to each mobile device for each of your waiters so they can login with the ID provided by the application and the PIN of their choice.
Each order submitted by a waiter will reach the shop's device to serve. That's it!

Waitrix Services

Help & FAQ

Waitrix website provides full documentation on how to use the application step-by-step. There is also an FAQ section with common questions and answers. For any enquires, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@watrix.net or by filling the Contact Form.

Admin section

Waitrix website is followed by an Admin section. Simply login with your email and password below and then you can navigate to numerous analytics regarding your sales and orders.

Order yourself by Waitrix

Now you can print a QR Code for each table and let the customers order by themselves!
Customers can scan the code, see the menu and simply order from their mobile device. The order will be delivered to the kitchen indicating the table and the customer.

Manage your reservations!

Manage your reservations!

  • Now manage your reservations through your listed tables
  • Easy one-tap calendar
  • All devices synchronized with every new added reservation


For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at contact@watrix.net or by filling the form below.

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